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With all the rain this year the slipcovers are going on the sofa, ottoman and two chairs a bit later than usual.  It's usually around March that I start envisioning the brightened look of the living room but this year, with all the rain we've had, the thought of putting the slipcovers on didn't even occur to me until last Sunday.  And that's only because I was rummaging through my closet looking for something when I came across the slipcovers.

While I love the fabric of the upholstery on my furniture it's always nice to have an easy way to make a big change in your house.  The dark fabric of the upholstery is great for the autumn and winter but I love the look of a white/light fabric in the summer.

Here's a picture of the chairs with their cotton slips on.  They've been folded for half of a year so they're a little wrinkled.  I don't iron or steam the wrinkles.  They'll fade away over time.

Above is an image of the sofa with its creme matelasse slipcover.  I have kids and dogs and surprisingly wash this once or maybe twice during the 4 to 5 months that it's out.  The textural ups and downs of the fabric make dirt more difficult to see.

The ottoman slipcover is the piece we launder most frequently.  Feet, jumping, spills, and dogs faces resting make it an easy target for dirt.  But it's also the slipcover that is the fastest to get on and off.  We throw our slipcovers in the washer and dryer (but our fabric has been prewashed and tested which is extremely important if you don't want to dry clean).

This rug is the newest addition to the living room.  I've been eyeing it for awhile now and finally decided to take the plunge.  I love love love how well the blue works with the vintage school map (inherited from when my father-in-law was a Spanish teacher).

Briefly... while we're on the subject of rugs... I have this vegi dyed rug (below) in my entry and am always surprised by the fact that we don't see dirt on it.  It's a very light shade of cream with a striated blue mixed in.  The orange dragon is only shown on the border of the rug and as a medallion in the center.

If I'm talking to a client who's looking for an entry rug I don't hesitate to show them light vegi dyed wool rugs because they don't show dirt.  A vegi dyed rug can look light or dark depending on the view and the way the light hits the fibers.  The image above on the left is looking into the office while the image on the right is looking into the living room.  Taken at the same time of day, you can see how much the colors change. 

So tell me... have you put your slipcovers on yet?


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A Holy Home

13 May 2011
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I just received an email that I wanted to share.  This is a church in Kyloe in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  It’s old, quite big and beautiful.  But it was not used and in bad shape.  Until a local couple bought and restored it.  As you can see, it doesn’t look restored from the exterior.

The couple restored the interior and now live it in!  I believe this is probably the front door:

This looks like it’s part of the dining room…but there’s a bed in here.  Not sure what they use this for but can you imagine eating dinner in this place?

A living room with plenty of space.  No need for window treatments for privacy in this bathroom!

And their kitchen, which is modern and sleek. 

Here’s another bedroom and another view of the master:


I’m not sure if I would like to live here.  It wouldn’t feel homey enough for me.  However this couple did a great job at making it feel like their home.   How would you feel about living in this old church?  Especially one with a cemetary in the front yard?




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