May…Week One

09 May 2011
Our Projects posted by Nan Tofanelli

Our new addition to the Nantucket Home Family needs a name. We have tried various and sundry ideas but none seem to really fit. Our pal came from the Butte Humane Society where we are sure that his fellow inmates primed him on how to behave in his new home. The first 48 hours were a breeze, he was the perfect gentleman. He came to any name when called, did his duties outside, slept in his crate without a whimper and generally had us eating out of his paws. 


Slowly his true colors emerged. His has a fondness for chasing cats, birds and squirrels. Our cats haven’t been home in a week. We occasionally see them slinking through the bushes and making a mad dash for their food bowl which we now leave outside on the deck rather than in the house. He has had a few mishaps in the house and he has learned to pull down the zipper in his crate so he now sleeps on our bedroom rug instead of in the crate. 


We know he loves us and he does really want to be loved in return as shown by the fact that he would rather roll over and have his belly scratched than eat his dinner.


Can you help us name him? Please post your ideas in the comments. He is learning to become a shop dog and will sometimes be found in our showroom if you want to meet him in person. Bring a tasty treat because he won’t accept a dry dog biscuit!




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Latest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

I read a lot of blogs... too many, probably.  I'm always inspired by the images, the writing, the food, the design, whatever the subject may be.  Tonight I was reading one of my ritual blogs Velvet and Linen and I have to say... I was just a little bit surprised by the subject.  Brooke's latest post  was about bathtubs, specifically bathtubs out of the bathroom and into every other room.

image source

Here's one image from Brooke's bathtub post (yes, a bathtub in the bedroom).  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.  Please read her post and email, facebook or comment here on whether or not you think this trend will stick (or if you think it will be a 'wash').




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progress report

04 May 2011
Our DesignersOur Projects posted by Sage Bowman

I had a chance yesterday to check out Roy and his progress at my client’s house.  It looks amazing…I’m loving the transformation and enjoying watching the entire process from beginning to end.  Some of you expressed your thoughts about it the last time I posted on this.  I hope you are just as excited to watch the makeover as I am!

Roy has started on the entryway and dining room.  He hasn’t yet begun the family room, but here is a sample of the glazing that he is going to do in there.  The background is the actual, painted wall color.  The sample board, in the front, shows the left side, which is the wall color and then the right side, which is the glaze over the base wall color.  The particular glaze is too yellow for my client, so he’s going to tone it down and add a bit more grey/brown tones.  But you can see the overall effect that glazes add.  It’s not a color over another color.  It’s a light finish, which adds color and more importantly, texture.

On the right is the sample board for the vines that are going to be painted onto the dining room walls.  Again, the left side is the base color with the vines and the right is it with the glaze over.  We’ve decided that even with the glaze, the vines are too prominent, so he’s going to tone them down more and make it feel like they were grown there…more natural.

As you can see, he’s come pretty far with this room, so far. But he still has a ways to go.

I haven't shown you much of the kitchen but it’s been pretty much done for a while now.  I wanted to share a picture of the beautiful cabinets, counters and appliances.  Soon I will write a post of their kitchen transformation... along with the rest of the house.

Now for one of my favorite parts, so far... the entry.  Roy hasn’t started on the walls yet (the paper lining and tape are still up), but you will get an idea of how the room is going to look with just the gorgeous ceiling.  It’s been painted a base color and then foiled lined.  Roy normally would work the foil with a brillo pad to distress it but my client was going for a less distressed look so we opted to keep it smooth.

I’m just as excited as my client to see the entire home completed, pretty and perfect.  Roy is really talented, knowledgeable and great to work with.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding his work, as he does pretty much everything.  In the meantime, he’ll be at this house, working away on the walls.  I will continue to share his progress.


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