The kid in all of us

03 May 2011
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I saw this the other day and wanted to share.  I think the kid comes out in all of us when we see something like this.  We all want it, in varying forms and degrees.  This one-of-a-kind pirate ship bedroom was created for a six year old boy.  It features an incredible floating ship, rope bridge, and a secret 55 foot slide. 

This was taken from the door of the room.  Notice the ship’s hull and its cannon holes.  They serve as peepholes for watching the seas below.

Here is the jail.  If you climb up the ladder, you will get to the bridge. And here a full grown man walks across the rope bridge to get to the ship.

Here is a diagram of the slide that starts in the ship and ends on the ground floor, in a secret room.


There is also a rope that will take you to the closet below and you definitely need a crows nest to watch out for other pirate ships at sea.

For my daughter, she’d probably want a princess and a castle themed room (maybe Rapunzel) .  My nephews would probably want a car garage or robot house.  What would you create for your children…or even just for yourself?



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April…. Week Four

02 May 2011
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