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He came by land. Climbing over the rocks to the secluded beach and he waited...

She came by sea. The waters were rough and they tossed the small pongo around in the waves.

His camera crew joined him and the three of them watched the drama of the small boat trying to come

ashore in the rough waters. Would they be able to navigate the small passage onto the

small strip of beach?

The bride looked worried. Would she have to swim to her wedding in her white dress?

The pongo driver went for it. Right through the two rocks and raging surf onto the beach!

All was right in the world. She made it to land and barely got her feet wet.

The ceremony was quiet and unobserved (except by the small band of strangers perched on the rocks

and of course the camera crew).

Meanwhile back at the shore...the pongo boat driver was having a time of it trying to keep his boat from crashing on the rocks. Although he was supposed to take the bride and groom back to town on the boat,

he must have figured out that his boat was more important than his duty. He high tailed it for the

open sea!

The Kiss.

And the smiles! Who was this brave and adventuresome couple? Did the bride climb and cross over the

rocks in her wedding dress? Rick and I were part of the band of strangers, on the rocks, in Mexico, that happened to put us at the right place, at the right time, with my camera and a telephoto lens. Through

Rollie (the officiant and local restaurant owner) we got the name of the wedding planner and through her,

the name of the couple and their permission to share their story. Congratulations Heather and Eli!


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