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The holiday season, though festive and fun, can be fatiguing. We’ve finally finished the rest of our Thanksgiving leftovers and rushed into the next holiday season within the blink of an eye. Time is moving faster and it’s a sprint to the Christmas finish line; guests are arriving in the next few days, there are still presents to be bought and food to prepare. How do you do it all in a short period of time?


Grab some coffee, sit down and take some time to think. Think about what needs to be done immediately and what can wait. Prioritize and rank your activities based on time constraints. If you have to prepare a meal for twelve within a couple of days, it may be wise to skip your neighbor’s annual Christmas party this year. Quick tasks should be judged based on importance, don’t make it a high priority if it can wait.

Make a list

Once you’ve prioritized your tasks, write them down and make an official “to- do” list. Make sure to only focus on one at a time, or else you may find yourself severely overwhelmed.  You’ve already ordered each thing on your list based on priority, so tackle number one before moving onto number two. Make sure to leave some time for your regular routine, so you can unwind- morning coffee, afternoon jog, etc.

Check it Twice
Christmas is approaching, and time is of the essence. Have you accomplished everything on your list? Go back through your list and double check you accomplished all of your tasks on the morning of Christmas eve. There’s still time for those quick tasks you haven’t gotten to just yet!

To ensure a successful Christmas season, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday spirit. Take the time to soak in the happiness and joy around you, filled with those you care about and make this holiday season a special one.


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