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About four years ago, American Leather ran a contest among the retailers who sell their product.  They asked everyone who wanted to enter to do a video commercial on the Comfort Sleeper (currently on sale, lowest prices of the year!).  As the winner, you would personally receive a brand new comfort sleeper, as well as have your video used in their national advertising campaign.  Lucky for me, I had what I considered a rather brilliant idea, so I got to work immediately... 

My concept revolved around my 3-year-old (at the time) daughter, Mason.  Simply put, if a 3-year-old could play, eat, jump, and sleep on their product, then the Comfort Sleeper could withstand anything and anyone.

That week, I excitedly brought Mason to Nantucket Home to film.  I bribed her with the promise of chocolate ice cream treats and a movie afterward we finished.  She was (and still is) camera shy so it took a lot for her to do what she did.  I’m sure she thought her mom was the worst director ever.  I had her redo takes, I asked her to take off all of the cushions (probably more than once) and I made her pretend to sleep.  Hopefully the ice cream and movie were worth it!

I then brought it home to have Justin edit it and put it to music.  His job was hard, but since we had just purchased our Mac computer he had fun playing with the movie-making program.  He chose a remake of the 80s song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Miley Cyrus, which went perfectly with the concept of the film.  Even the way he timed the music to stop and start perfectly with the highs and lows of the video was expertly done. 

At last the big day came, and I anxiously submitted our video.  Now all I could do was await the results.  I had heard (through our rep) that we were in the running to win.  How could they NOT choose mine (I thought)!  I had a fun song, an original idea and - most importantly - a cute actress!

In the end, we didn’t win.  I was disappointed, since we had all put in so much hard work to make it fun and different.  Plus, I really wanted that comfort sleeper for my house!  I was told it was a very tight race.  I can only imagine!  I think I may still be bitter. 

So, making its debut at last (since no one got a chance to see our ad play nationally),here it is... click on the image of the Comfort Sleeper below and enjoy the BEST video EVER (along with the world's cutest little girl ever)!

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Linda H. Williamson-Sather


Please correct the spelling error.  It is versus, not verses.  I did not proof read the rest of the article.  Thank you.

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


Of course!  Thank you Linda.

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