A Dog’s Life

12 Mar 2012
Our Stories posted by Nan Tofanelli

Whenever we go out of town and can't take our favorite four legged friend Hugo, I experience guilt for leaving him and sadness that he's not with us. On a recent trip to Mexico, Hugo spent time with my daughter and son-in-law in Berkeley. Their dog Bailey and Hugo always have a great time together (if you've ever been in our store when they are playing you'll know what I mean). Robin and Mike took Hugo and Bailey to dog parks and on walks and hikes. I'm sure that Hugo had a great time but I still felt bad about leaving him. At one dog park they found a Hugo look alike. Robin emailed a picture of him. Doesn't he look just like Hugo?

That is Hugo on the right.

To compensate for our temporary loss of Hugo while in Mexico, I gravitated towards dogs whenever I saw them. I must have needed to have that doggie contact for some reason. Mexican dogs are the same as California dogs except they seem a little bit more relaxed. Most do not have tags and collars hindering their quiet passage through the day. Occasionally you'll see a bright bandana around a neck but for the most part, they all seem to be everyone's dogs.

This sweet one was appropriately sleeping on a store front stair that says "Sweets". The ones we saw all looked healthy and well fed and were generally mild tempered. They strolled or frolicked on the beach...

contemplated life and their next meal...

and did I say they were a little more relaxed?


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