A Holy Home

13 May 2011
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I just received an email that I wanted to share.  This is a church in Kyloe in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  It’s old, quite big and beautiful.  But it was not used and in bad shape.  Until a local couple bought and restored it.  As you can see, it doesn’t look restored from the exterior.

The couple restored the interior and now live it in!  I believe this is probably the front door:

This looks like it’s part of the dining room…but there’s a bed in here.  Not sure what they use this for but can you imagine eating dinner in this place?

A living room with plenty of space.  No need for window treatments for privacy in this bathroom!

And their kitchen, which is modern and sleek. 

Here’s another bedroom and another view of the master:


I’m not sure if I would like to live here.  It wouldn’t feel homey enough for me.  However this couple did a great job at making it feel like their home.   How would you feel about living in this old church?  Especially one with a cemetary in the front yard?




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Chrissy C.


Friends in Amador City, CA bought a church as a residence (though quite smaller than this one). Approaching the house, you’re welcomed with double doors and the long ropes used to ring the bell that still sits on the roof. The sink rests in the pulpit - complete with the church’s monogram - and the confessional is now the pantry. The upstairs bedroom is complete with a free-standing clawfoot tub and the bathroom houses a 2/1 washer dryer. All the modern features in a piece of history!

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