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Our French Soiree with Corey Amaro from “Tongue In Cheek” blog was a hit! With well over one hundred people in attendance from Chico, the Bay Area, Napa and Oregon. Corey (who was    nervous about speaking to such a large crowd) pulled it off like a pro. She had her followers    laughing and sympathizing and attentive to her every word.

Nantucket Home set the stage with a Deux Chevaux parked in the entry to our store. Thank you        to Francine and Gary Marquis for volunteering their cute little bug of a car to welcome our guests.


Once inside, our nine foot table towards the back of the showroom was groaning with an array of French foods.

Thank you to Tin Roof Bakery for the tasty mini quiches and the deliciously sweet macarones in       so many pretty pastel colors. Brie, goat cheese, olive tapenade and an array of strawberries,      grapes and pears filled out the tabletop display.

We hope Corey and French Husband will return again and again to satisfy our need for her stories.

Thank you to all of you who came to welcome Corey back to Chico. Rick and I look forward to many more of these fun events!


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Janie Wingert


Looks like an awesome event.  Wish I could have been there.  Nan and Rick you look wonderful….still the same.  Brings back loads of good, fun memories.  Hey any good suggestions for places to go in France and Italy?  My youngest Greg is getting married in Oct. and that is where they are going on their honeymoon.

ann nickerson


Thank you for an evening enchanté - the photos are the icing on the macarons.

janet baker


Everything was absolute perfection!!!!! Thank you for making sure that I knew about the event. Once again Nantucket made sure that all was WONDERFUL. janet

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