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If you're anything like us we are always trying to make our pet beds look nice in our homes.  But with dirt and hair and everything else that they drag in the task of keeping it clean and tidy is a bit daunting. However, these pet beds seem to take the intimadating out of the job.  

This natural fiber cocoon-style bed would just require a quick shake outside to spruce it up.

I'm not too sure how realistic this is for cleaning but I'm sure my dogs would fight over it.


A fast wipe with a rag would clean this one right up.

This Moroccan-inspired hideaway may have the cats come clawing but the dog would stay serenely in place on a pad of burlap...

but do you think he'd fit?....


A bunk bed to keep the jealous growling at a minimum.

For the Churchill type

And the vagabond

And the dogs who require a sofa

For Mork and Mindy's dog


A Frenchie would fit in perfectly here.


For those who like to feel safe and secure while also enjoying their own space. 


What pet bed would your pet like?  


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Janie Wingert


Love the Bulldog…...typically on the couch…..of course.  They rule the house and think they are human.  I know ours sure does..

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


My dog, Armando, thinks he is one of us and he almost is!  He is so loving and puts up with 2 little boys pulling and sitting on him at all times.  He’s certainly a special dog.

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