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Our Annual Fall Home Sale is upon us, which means it’s not only a great time to save on furniture, home accessories, and all things design here at Nantucket Home, but it is also that time of year for one of our "family" portraits.

This year, we decided (largely due to the near 100-degree temperatures) to do our autumal photo shoot indoors.  Last years’ image was taken by a very patient and very talented photographer, Beiron Andersson, around the middle of August out on our front porch. Needless to say, we were all sweltering in our "fallish" attire as we posed for countless photos in the hot afternoon sun.

So this time around, instead of reliving the exhausted, squirming children and sweat-inducing Chico heat, we decided to all pile inside as we filled an entire interior setting of our blissfully air-conditioned showroom.

In this years image you’ll notice that there are some familiar faces, a few new additions, and a couple of team members missing.  Jenna, our beloved do-it-all girl, graduated from Chico State and moved down to Huntington Beach, where she is enjoying life on the ocean.  Holly, who did a lot of writing for our blog, and was always a smiling face around Nantucket Home, found a great start to her fashion and graphics career over at Fifth Sun.  Jenna and Holly are truly missed around here, but we wish them both well as they continued their design journeys.

You also may have noticed that Robin, Mike and Bailey are back.  After two years in Berekely, and a few months on the road, we're so happy to see them slightly settled.  While we do not know how long we'll have them here at Nantucket Home, we are just excited to be with them for any length of time.

We’ve also added a few new smiling faces to our family over the last year - Sarah Leigh, Claire, and Kristy. 

(pictured from left to right: Sarah Leigh, Claire, and Kristy)

With all of these faces (both new and old), we wanted to try to sum up everyone on our team in just a few words... (pictured from left to right, mixed a few husbands and kids)

Sara: Woman behind the Curtain

Nicole: Our Winston Wolf (Pulp Fiction) and 20 year Nantucket Home Veteran

Lauren: Rock Star Associate                                                                

Sage: The Whole Shebang Senior Designer                                         

Robin: Scrupulous Idealist and Protector of Bailey

Claire: Midwestern Crusader for Customer Service

Rick: Il Capo ed Il Connettore (the Boss and Connector)

Kristy: Naturalist and Egalitarian Design Director                             

Nan: Chief Designer and Recovering Perfectionist                               

Marci: Senior Designer and Blueprint Challenger 

Sarah Leigh: Graphic Wizard

A BIG thank you to everyone who puts their heart and soul into Nantucket Home every single day!  We have always been about "family" here at Nantucket Home, and the wonderful local patrons (like yourself) who continue to support us.  And, of course, thank you to Beiron who puts up with our photograph antics year after year.

Happy Autumn!


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I miss my Nantucket family! That was sweet of you to mention me in this, except I am in *Manhattan Beach! haha. And I have to say…“Sara: Woman behind the Curtain”...totally fits! haha.

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


Jenna,, we really do miss you (even if I don’t really know where you live!).

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