Beds, beds, beds!

25 Oct 2014
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If you were to ask me what my favorite room in the house was, without a skipping a beat I’d answer my bedroom. My bedroom is my favorite place because it’s all my own. Every picture frame, every carefully placed knick-knack, and piece of furniture (even the desk chair that doubles as a second closet) are all individually and uniquely mine. Your bedroom should be a personal sanctuary away from your busy life that’s cozy and inviting.

To do this I find it very important to have, well…the perfect bed! I love nothing more than being engulfed in a sea of blankets, an over-sized duvet, and pillows. My bed is big, fluffy and covered in an embarrassing amount of throw pillows. With the change of weather it’s getting harder and harder to leave it every morning. No matter what your taste and home style are just make sure to get the perfect bedding for you! Once you have that, it’s a paradise for snuggles, movie marathons, brunch in bed, book reading, and hitting the snooze button.



Color or Neutral.. what's your fancy?

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