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When my mom emailed me the link to this blog post I was instantly intrigued.  I have a blue & white/indigo obsession, as do most of my friends.  And since I think of my love for blue as more bohemian rather than traditional this post was just for me (and again, most of my friends.. K, K & C).

The setting was done by the art director behind designlovefest.com with Epson sponsoring it the project.  In a nutshell, Epson asked designlovefest.com to come up with ideas on alternative uses of a home projector system.  
The art director/author pulled in a few of her trusty food and décor stylists and viola! ... Moon Party Magic. 
On a related note, this email also came through on a day that I texted my brother-in-law (aka Uncle Amazing) asking if he had a projector I could use for my son’s 8 year birthday slumber party… so the timing was perfect.  And while I wouldn’t necessarily choose this theme for my son’s birthday it would be a fantastic baby shower, bridal shower or girl’s night out idea.  Of course, I couldn’t do this alone, but my extremely talented mom could do this in a heartbeat.  You should see the artwork for the grandkids birthday parties, regatta events and the tablescapes for family dinners and holidays that she whips up!


So enjoy the photography and the inspiration. You can read the entire post here  (If you're looking for some more Bohemian Blue Moon Inspiration come by the showroom for pieces like these...)

****Bonus **** make sure you go to the link above so you can download some free and fun graphics like this…


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