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Saturday night we got to host and experience a fabulous dinner in our design showroom. It was a family style feast of local culinary offerings and vintological pairings. Guests got to collaborate one-on-one with the chef to design their own 4-course menu and 4 high-end wine varietals will be hand-chosen to best accompany the meal of choice.

Originally the night was supposed to be hosted alongside the chef from The Kitchen Table, but due to a cancellation we needed to quickly get a new chef. We were able to pull through with the help of Rashelle and a new caterer. After all, the show must go on! For appetizers there was salami, cheese and fruit. The dinner consisted of a beautiful variety of chicken, salmon, tortellini with cream sauce, delicious vegetables, potatoes, asparagus, and salad. For dessert tiramisu was served. We bought more white wine than red and had to buy more red because people weren't interested in waiting till the red course was served. We tweaked some of our originally planned salads and plating display, but overall everything worked out. Over all the night was a success. Plenty of laughs, love, and fun!

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This looks like a fabulous event, and for such a good cause, here in our lovely Chico. It’s a win-win to host an event like this. Congrats to Nantucket!
Cheers, Heather Lindstrom @ Stylemindchic Lifestyle



Heather, We had a great time that night.  Great food, guests and atmosphere. For the B&G gala auction coming up on February 7th we’ll be donating another great dinner ... this time with Jason from Crush!  We’re very excited!

Mary Ann Bachus


Rick and Nan and Sarah and (? Rachel…don’t’ remember if I got the other young lady’s name right). Just had breakfast with Dawn and she said this picture was posted on your blog.  That jogged my memory that I had not thanked you for doing such a wonderful job on a wonderful dining experience.  Needless to say we had a great time and you really out did yourselves with your great service and making us feel very special. Thanks again and thank you for supporting such a wonderful cause as the Boys and Girls Club.

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


Mary Ann,
The pleasure was all ours!  Thank you for being a fantastic guest!

Heather Lindstrom


If you would ever like additional local blog coverage for an event I love to photograph, write and feature local events in Chico, as well as around the world, on my Stylemindchic Lifestyle blog. Let’s keep in touch!

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