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Although it's almost time to decorate for Christmas, I wanted to share with you my home and the fall decorations that I look forward to using every year.  Fall has continued to be my number one favorite season.  I love the colors of the leaves, the crispness of mornings and evenings, the smells in the air.  I have always argued that fall is, by far, the best season of all.  Although winter is still a beautiful season (and my second favorite), I'm always terribly sad when the leaves have all fallen to the ground and my fall decorations have been put away in storage until the next year.

When September rolls around every year, I have to hold myself back from putting up my fall decorations.  I want to cherish the season, but if I put up the decorations when it's still 100 degrees out, it just doesn't seem right.  Usually it's around the middle of September when I justify getting them out and putting them up.  I mix my (very few) Halloween decorations with my fall items.  After Halloween, it's very easy to pull out the spiders, owls and haunted house cities and then I'm left with my dried leaves, pumpkin candles and ghords.

I mainly only decorate my kitchen, dining room, living room and entry.  The rest of the rooms (the bedrooms and office) are fun to decorate, but since we mostly live in the other rooms, I'd like to see and enjoy the decorations more often in those rooms.  Although I've had the same decorations for many years, every year I use only a few or I'll add in a new item, in order to keep it all feeling new.  I also like to mix around mine from year to year (use it in a new place in the house) or use different containers.

I got this cinderella pumpkin at Trader Joe's this year and because I didn't cut into it, it has kept for a long time.  Paired with a simple vase of branches, it's a simple look for the console at our entry.  I love my cute, orange wreath that I hung with clear wire from the top of the door.

My photo cabinet isn't too fall looking, but I love the way the lamp shines onto everything.  My daughter and I made the botanical sun prints.  The blue is so vibrant and beautiful.  We have a Nantucket Home soy pumpkin candle burning all the time right there, so I can smell it throughout the house.  I love pears (to eat, yes...but mostly pictures and sculptures of them) and bought this metal one years ago.  It reminds me of fall, especially next to my rafia pumpkin and ceramic gourd.

In our dining room, I've kept the centerpiece simple this year.  Usually I have a big, round wooden bowl in there, full of lots of candles and seasonal items.  But I wanted to tone it down, so I used the Nantucket Home white vanilla candles to add depth, but not take away from the leaves in a vase, my branch balls, goose neck gourd and floral runner.

I love my mantel.  Since this picture was taken, I've added a "Thankful" banner.  But this is still very pleasing.  My Nantucket Home cinnamon candles always had color and a nice scent.  I've always loved my branch pumpkins and, of course, the vase of branches and leaves.  My daughter made the acorn “Bowman Family” sculpture a few years ago.  I keep it up all the time because it’s so sweet and simple.  My favorite is my new art piece by Ilona Cronan.  She customized this piece for me and I just love the size (we have 11 foot ceilings), the abstract of it and the color.  It's simple, yet looks like it has a story.  I especially like that it's going to look great during all of the seasons of the year.  Right now, it looks very fall-ish, but once my Christmas decorations go up, it will fit right in.  In the winter, spring and summer, I usually keep my mantel bare and simple so it will provide a nice, subtle color.


I hope you've enjoyed a bit of my home...come and visit me sometime!


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