Color Me, Summer!

24 Jul 2012
Our Home Accessories posted by Nantucket Staff

What is it about summer that makes us so chronically attracted to color?  I’m not sure I realized this about myself until very recently, but in the summer, I want to surround myself with vibrant color, but while in the winter, I am more drawn to cool grays and ivories.  It seems backwards somehow – why wouldn’t I seek out vibrant color when it’s cold and overcast as to liven up the day?  My inner color quandaries aside, I’d like to share some of our new arrivals, which have also been quickly added to my list of favorites… Hint: there’s a common element… no surprise here: COLOR.

Above: Vintage Biscuit Bins in Red:  You could either use for storage for cookies and other sweets (after a thorough cleaning of course!) or repurposed it as a lantern.  Wouldn’t these be cute out on your patio with one of our vanilla candles burning in them?  They are also available in green and blue.  Vintage Grain Bins: Once used to hold dried foods, these bins are available in a variety of colors and sizes, each with its own character flare.

Above: Metal Letters: Assortment of letters available in blue, red and ivory.  I think these would be darling in a child’s play area, either “ABC” or noting the first letter of their name.  I hope there is an ‘S’ left for me!  Rug bags and totes: I have always thought these were neat.  Full of color and the perfect go-to bag for a day out or when on vacation, as you may have seen Julia Roberts carrying in “Eat Pray Love.”

Above: Ikat Bali Print Pillows: What great pop of color!  From bright magnetas to crisp teals, these custom made pillows are available in three different sizes.  Butterfly Pillow and Embroidered Blue Pillows: Aren’t these fun?  I love how these pillows have been printed.  Sometimes printed material can adopt a plastic-like quality because the print has simply been melted on top of the fabric.  These pillows, however, are printed using a “giclee printing” technique, the same process used to print high quality paintings on canvas.  The best of both worlds – a clear, high quality print on soft, high quality linen.  If butterflies aren’t your thing, fear not - come check out the other fun prints we have throughout the showroom!

There are many items photographed that I did not detail, so if you have questions about anything you see here, please let me know or call our store at (530)895.1038.

Happy Summer!

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