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I love our Comfort Sleeper.  I really could not live without it because it’s used in so many ways in our house. Football (when I don’t want to hear it in the living room), play dates with little girls using the sofa as a “doll apartment”, guests to sleep on, afternoon naps in a quiet room, easy bed to get out of after a c-section, bed for my husband when we get in a fight.  Just kidding.  Oh wait…am I?  

We don’t have guests that often, but when we do, we have a super comfortable and welcoming bed for them.  It’s actually so perfect that sometimes guests don’t want to leave!  But on a more regular basis, our family uses the sofa and bed often.

 It’s in our office, where there is a TV, so it’s my husband’s little “den”.  However, my daughter loves to rest and watch a movie in there too.  It’s so comfortable as a sofa that we all don’t mind being kicked into the office when the living room isn’t available.  And don’t even get me started on the bed.  I was forced to move back to my own bed about 6 weeks after having my baby  and I didn’t want to.  

The Comfort Sleeper is easy to open and close when you need to transform it from couch to bed. Sheets fit perfectly so it’s a breeze when we do have guests who are tired from traveling and are looking to lie down.  There’s no muss and fuss, which makes for happy guests and an even happier host. 

It comes in a variety of sizes and styles too. There are lots of fabric choices, and even the option of leather! It all just depends on your taste! The Comfort Sleeper is ideal for any home.

Need I say more?


The American Leather Comfort Sleepers are on Sale now! Lowest price of the season now until September 30th so hurry in. For more information click here.

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