Corbel Corners

26 Sep 2014
posted by Holland Mervis

Have you ever looked at the beautiful architecture of the great old buildings in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles? One thing that I always notice is the detailed corner pieces the help support the structure but I never really knew what they were until now. They are called corbels and to my surprise they are not only used to enhance sky scraping buildings, but also the everyday home. 

Corbels come in all sorts of styles and can be used throughout the home in many different ways. The basic shape of the corbel is that of an ‘L’ turned upside down in order to act as a supportive type of bracket. What makes a corbel unique is the design of what connects the two edges. 

Now it might seem unusual to incorporate corbels into your home décor but it is actually easier than one would think. Corbels are a great way to upgrade any living space with minimal to no effort. Just attach one or even a cluster of them to a wall and you have a great new place to display items in your home. Placing them in a free-standing manner allows you to play around with their placement and keeps the wall from looking cluttered.

With free-standing corbels on your wall, you can display candles, framed photographs, and really anything else you could think of! If you don’t have a liking to the free-standing look, that’s no problem. Corbels in sets of two make for a great looking shelf. Just make sure you have a sturdy top attached to them and a good level if you take the DIY route. 

They can even be used as table-toppers for decoration or be used as a functional book end. 

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Happy decorating!


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Heather Lindstrom


These are some beautiful images of corbels being used to perfection. I’ve used them in several of the ways you’ve shown here. A favorite way is to create a shelf on the wall using 2 corbels (the image with the orchid and mirror). That look is super chic. I’m reminded of our travels in Portugal and Spain last summer with some to these decorative elements. Great post!
Heather @ Stylemindchic Lifestyle Chico

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