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Summer is here! In February,  I look forward to the long, light filled days and evenings of summer, fresh homegrown fruits and vegies and the lush color green everywhere in trees, lawns and shrubs. I look forward to outdoor dinners, playing in the creek, boating, star gazing and reading in the hammock. What I do not appreciate are flies, and mosquitos and all the diseases they carry that ruin all the fun.

You can use insect repellant, citronella candles, a fly swatter or you can cover up in hot clothing (or all of the above) and still not solve your pesky insect problem. Or you can escape into the dreamlike world of life under a tropical mosquito netting.

The use of mosquito netting has been traced back as far as Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.  Netting can transform a plain room into a romantic guaze-y retreat.

It offers pesticide free protection from West Nile and encephalitis which unfortunately are becoming more common in the Chico area.

Here at Nantucket Home we just happened to get in a new shipment of these airy mosquito nets! Available in two colors, white or ivory and two styles that fit all sizes of beds. Stop by our showroom to see our display.


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