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They meet you at the door each day, they are always happy to see you, they are part of the family and they never ask for anything in return, we love our dogs.

After a long day of running around the yard, going on walks, and playing fetch, your dog is ready to relax. Typically dog beds are thrown in the corner of the room and not given much thought, but why not make a statement with it? Dog beds are becoming more and more fashionable with different builds, colors and fabrics.

These styles are pretty classic, but different fabrics can make these beds really pop. Don’t be afraid of new patterns and colors!

A bed like this for smaller dogs can double as a side table and work into the interior of a room as while saving some floor space.

Doggy steps and ramps are a popular item too. Smaller dogs don’t always have the easiest time getting up on the couch or bed to cuddle, so these make it easier for them and yourself!

Who doesn’t like a big cozy place to dream and snooze away?

These innovative designs are something to think about if a new kitchen remodel is in your future. Placing a nook for your pup’s bed saves space and looks clean.

The dog bed doesn’t have to be an eye-sore in the living room or kitchen, it can be become part of the room.

Now you can make your dogs’ beds part of your home décor and really incorporate it into the style and look of the room you place it in. Just remember even if you have a fabulous bed for your dog, it doesn’t always guarantee they’ll be using it all the time!

Even the Nantucket Home mascot Bailey prefers the chair!

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