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For those of you who visit our showroom, you most likely know that you will be greeted by a furry face and a wet nose. It is either the blue-eyed (yes, one blue eye) Bailey or boisterous Hugo who comes running (especially if you are the UPS guy who never fails to show up without a treat). Occasionally the pooches will take the day off but it is safe to say that we welcome dogs into our showroom and that they are as much a part of our staff as we are.

One of the first questions that I always get is “is this your dog?”. So I thought I would take a moment to introduce our furry friends and match an owner to their faces.

I would say that the newest member to the Nantucket Home Family is Rick and Nan’s dog, Hugo. Rescued from the Butte Humane Society about 2 years ago, Hugo has transitioned well into a showroom pup. He is always happy to greet new people but definitely doesn’t like to let mom and dad out of his sight!


Most recognizable is probably our Boston  Terrier, Bailey. Bailey belongs to our Showroom Manager, Robin (and husband Mike). Bailey loves to find a warm and cozy spot sun herself. Miss Bailey has her moments of stubborn-ness but is a very sweet girl who loves a good old-fashioned belly rub.

And don’t think that the rest of us go home to a dog-less home. We are full of furry friends who of course are the first and happiest to greet us after a hard day’s work...

1. Dewey - owned by Kristy, Design Director
2. Riley - owned by Lauren, Design Associate
3. Bernie - owned by Claire, Design Associate
4. Armando (RIP) - owned by Sara, Shopkeeper
5. Remi - owned by Claire, Design Associate
6. Bogey - owned by Lauren, Design Associate
7. Jillie - owned by Sage, Senior Designer
8. Russy - owned by Sage, Senior Designer

Thank you for taking a moment to meet our best friends and we would love to hear about yours! Tell us what four legged animal greets you at the door!


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I miss Hugo! We have a chocolate lab here everyday at the our store…Gracie (yes the store is named after her). She is just a bit spoiled and has her own chair in the showroom.

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