Doors to Open

29 Aug 2011
Latest Trends posted by Holly Sorensen

Doors are the perfect place to express some personality. The first impression of a house is it's front door and it reflects what will be found beyond the threshold. Here are some of my favorite doors, whether old or new they definitely make a statement about what's to be found once entered.

 Seriously... the door inbetween the tree trunks is every little princess' fantasy.

As you've probably seen in your fashion magazines purple is in.  It won't be long before we see it not just on our door knobs but in our homes too.

This looks like it could be Greece but could you pull a pink door off? 

- Holly

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Dory Ann


The slatted red door with the brick arch over it and greenish tiles(?) in front is my favorite, though the tree-trunk door and the narrow green one next to it are close seconds.  Wonder where those are….

Christine Arburua


Nan, I was in about a week ago on a Monday, it was the first time I had been in you store and you and your employees were in the process of moving items around in the store. I just opened your email you sent out today, I am sure glad I did, what great photography! Kudos to you and your art….such talent! I look forward to visiting the store again next time I am in Chico.

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