Easter At Our House

11 Apr 2012
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It's never very organized. It, for some reason, doesn't have the same clout as Christmas. I wait until the last minute, then run around trying to do all the things I saw in magazines or blogs. The decorated eggs, the table decor, the brunch/lunch with appropriate spring foods, the gifts for the grandchildren... all done within a few days (sometimes hours) of THE DAY.

This year I did more than usual. The usual eggs are dyed with the grandkids with newspapers thick on the table in case of spills. Basic food color coats are as far as we usually get for the hard boiled eggs. And usually they are cracked because I try to put too many in the pan.

This year I followed a recipe I saw on line and just did one layer of eggs, in a really big pan, covered with water. Boil for 15 minutes, then turn it off to stand until cool. This year all my eggs made it without cracks. Then I used the food color, vinegar dye instead of the store bought pellets. I decided on just three colors for the eggs instead of many glass fulls of colors. After dying 18 eggs into green, blue and aqua tones I decided to hand paint them. Yes, it did take a good part of Saturday afternoon...but with each egg I got more adventuresome and more fulfilled. Yes, I did miss having the little ones around to guide in the art of Easter egg dying but I really was having a lot of fun just by myself!

The three progressive nights before Easter were spent with drawing patterns and colors on plain white bags to be used as Easter baskets by the grandkids. This, I decided was more creative than buying a basket and filling it with special treats. Yes, it was more creative but it took forever for the paints to dry on the glossy bags...and did the grandkids really notice??? And even if it did take at least an hour to iron and fold 10 napkins into bunnies...sometimes you need that kind of discipline for inner peace.

Okay, I would still do it again. I am not the kind of person to go to Kmart or Target and buy a premade basket filled with goodies. And even if some of my creations were flops because of still wet paint or because I should have blown the eggs first and not used hard boiled to draw on, it was a learning exercise and maybe next year I will learn from my mistakes and start a week before Easter!

The most important part of this whole Easter experience was being with our family and enjoying this sunny day. The grandkids fishing off our dock with make believe hooks...


the snake sightings under the dock... and counting how many turtles could fit on our rock without falling off were the highlights of the day...not the decor.

When will I ever learn?


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liz and bill coffer


Do we see a baby bump. Loved how you did the eggs and napkins

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