Fall Is In The Air

13 Oct 2012
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What is it about a pile of pumpkins that gets my blood racing?

Is it the shape or the color or the promise of the season? Fall is, hands down, my favorite season…SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER…the R months that trigger  memories of a season without even realizing what those memories are of. It is a warm and cozy feeling, a compassion about something comfortable. It is the promise of cooler temperatures, getting to wear favorite clothes that have been packed away for the last six months, eating savory soups and stews. It is the colors, the not so subtle oranges, reds and yellows.

I like the dew on the grass in the morning. I like the quietness of the falling leaves, the smell of them and the crunch noise they make when you walk on them. I like being outdoors raking the leaves into piles and not being hot and sweaty while doing it. I like watching my family get excited about picking the best pumpkin from a field of many.

I like their excitement about Halloween costumes and who they are going to be.

I like this holiday that gets even the old timers excited about dressing up or handing out candy or decorating their front yards to be scary.

The light is different in the fall, it is less bright but more intense.

Fall wraps itself around me like a warm sweater and makes me want to walk in the park, to sit in the sun and read, to doze in a warm car on a drive.




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