Feeling Floral

29 Feb 2012
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With Spring around the corner and the downtown trees in Chico starting to bud, I can’t help but love the arrival of floral accents into Nantucket Home and into my own home.  A few days ago, hundreds of beautiful faux florals and succulents arrived in our showroom and, in turn, the feeling that Spring is near!  Now here’s the trick, can you even tell that these aren’t real?!

As the seasons start to change and the sun starts to appear more frequently we all look for a little touch of life and color to add to our homes.  There is just something about a flower that makes you happy.  In fact, the other day, Rick (one of the owners of Nantucket Home), came in with two sets of tulips, one set for myself as a birthday gift, and the other for his wife, Nan.  He said that Nan told him that there is just something about tulips that make her happy (and I agree!).  See?  So now, not only do you have a splash of color with a touch of Spring in your home, but also a overwhelming sense of joy!  Whether your plants are faux or live, they bring an overall feel of comfort and the added color is just a major perk.

Plants and flowers are just one decorative piece that can fit into any room.  So head to Nantucket Home or your local farmers market to introduce Spring into your rooms.  Your home and heart will thank you!


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