For the Love of Fall

20 Sep 2012
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I’m enamored with Fall; to me, there is no happier season.  Being a November baby it’s no coincidence that my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and that I eagerly look forward to trips to the pumpkin patch or apple picking in Paradise.  And with the recent warm, pleasant days and cool, crisp nights, I am reminded how quickly the leaves will begin turning and that soon I can curl up with a cozy blanket and a good book.

At Nantucket Home, we’ve been preparing for the fall season for months because for us, September brings our annual Fall Home Sale.  Of course, what makes any sale great are the carefully selected products and the terrific deals.  But have you ever wondered what goes into such preparations?  It’s not so simple and it truly takes the collaboration of our whole staff…

... and the patience of many husbands and kids.

Here’s a glimpse into the day in the life of bringing you the best Fall Home Sale yet!

Beginning in July, Nan, Sara, Robin and Rick go to the shows to decide on which pieces to order for the showroom.  The orders are then followed by Robin, insuring the new products arrive on time for the sale, while Lauren welcomes clients into the showroom, and Bailey and Hugo vie for tummy-rubbing attention.
When the merchandise arrives, Rick helps unload the truck and gets it onto the showroom floor while Sarah Leigh helps unpack boxes and inspect the new product.  Sara enters the merchandise and makes price tags for Claire to place on the new pieces.  Nan and Robin place the new merchandise on the showroom floor while Sara schedules the deliveries and Marci confirms the delivery time with her client.  Nicole is in the office filing claims with the vendor about a few incorrect pieces received.
Lauren Facebooks photos of the new pieces to share with our Friends while Kristy speaks with a design client and updates the ever-growing selection of fabric samples. Now Rick is flipping rugs in the rug section, helping out Claire whose client wants something warmer for the cold months ahead. Marci and Sage are both out on in-home consultations, helping their clients make the final decisions on their new roman shades and living room sofas.
Sarah Leigh and Nan collaborate on the ads for the Chico ER and Sara schedules their placement.  Lauren leaves early for class, taking additional courses in architecture and design, as Sage returns to help a client with a sofa that Sarah Leigh just posted a picture of on Pinterest.  The client and Sage hit it off and make their way to our in-house design studio as Marci and Claire chat with a long-time friend and client at the front counter.  Kristy is busy wrapping a client’s gift as Sarah Leigh rings through the sale and soon Rick is outside chatting with a neighbor.

All in a day’s work…well, mostly a day.

And September 22, we get to share all of our hard work with you, our friends, family, new clients and long-time supporters.  While we work hard year-round to bring you quality pieces with great styles and fabrics, tomorrow we hope you share our excitement of the Fall season with great deals on cozy down sofas, warm wool blankets, mood-enhancing lamps, beautiful local art and cold-feet-saving rugs.
And when you are done nesting for the Fall and Winter seasons, treat yourself to a leisurely walk down our beautiful, colorful Esplanade, my favorite Chico street for such visual joy!

Thank you and happy Fall!


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