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04 Oct 2011
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I feel compelled to share with you, our clients and our friends, about a wonderfully simple day Nan and I had one Sunday on the Artoberfest Tour.  Visiting artists and seeing their work is always full of surprises and inspiration.  The experience takes me far away from my day to day routine while I eavesdrop into their creative minds.
But this note is about how all of us can easily escape and travel to far away places only a few miles away and to remind you of what is in our beautiful backyard.

Our art tour directed us to Paradise to Noble Orchards.  Have you ever been?  We hadn't.  And the lazy roads up there took us across what might've been 1950's New England in full fall color.  The large apple shed is stacked with ten varieties of apples, all delicious.  Thanks to the sample table; apple butter, apple cake, apple juice, etc. it's a perfect place to remind you of how glorious October is.  Mendon's Nursery should also be on your itinerary and really soon.  The fall color may well be dwindling away and the slow adventurous drive up Old Honey Run will even be more perilous in the rain. And don't forget to make a trip to sip some wine at New Clairvaux.

I am reminding you (maybe reprimanding you) to get out away from this city of ours and its freeways and malls.  Get away from where we are always running late and where our errand list continues to lengthen. 

I may or may not know about all the secret places so help me out and respond to this post with your secret list.  Of course, Pistachio Lane must be on the list (south between Ginno's Appliances and the back road to Neighborhood Church).  It's another New England one lane road with fall color unparalleled.  The secret dog park (US Forestry Station) is at the end of the road.  I think it's about 100 acres of freedom for your dog or exceptionally gifted cat.  And how long has it been since you went to Voses Antiques in Cohasset?

Autumn is here... now get out there and celebrate it!


(If you find this post familiar it's because Rick wrote it and sent it out 4 years ago before we knew what blogs were!  We thought of posting it in celebration of our recent fall weather and our love of local places.)

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