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This upcoming season we have been seeing a trend of decorating with sheepskins. This warm and cozy look is perfect for any room and has a variety of uses that one might not have thought about before. Sheepskins come in different textures, sizes and colors so there is a great chance that there will be one that works well with your décor! 

I love having sheepskins in the home because not only are they extremely comfortable, but they can be used in almost any room in the house. Sheepskins make great for an area rug. They work in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, as well as kid’s rooms. Used as rugs, sheepskins are perfect for warming up your feet in the cold mornings and evenings before getting into bed. Placing a small one next to your bed is perfect for waking up sleepy toes. Kids love them too! They make all the time they spent playing on the floor more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Sheepskins as rugs look chic by themselves.  But if you have the room, scatter a few around the floor for a more unique look. In my opinion, using a contrasting colored rug to your floor looks clean, modern, and stylish. 

Another way to use sheepskins is to place them on seating around the house. Place a sheepskin on a chair in the living room, in the office, or even in the kitchen and your home will be instantly more inviting and cozy. I personally love the combination of a great sheepskin throw against a leather chair or ottoman. 

Another fun way to utilize sheepskins is to put them on your outdoor furniture! Taking your simple patio furniture and covering it with a sheepskin will update your outdoor area with no effort at all. It will also pair perfectly with a cup of hot tea and a book on a cool fall evening. 

Also don’t forget about the most important member of the family! Sheepskins make for great dog beds. If you’re planning on using a sheepskin as a rug your pup will probably sleep on it anyways, so go ahead and find one that’s the perfect size for your best friend and let him snooze away. You can also take your dog-designated sheepskin and throw it in the car anytime you take him or her on a ride with you! 

Nan has been using sheepskin rugs and pillows in her designs for years.  And right now our selection of different colors, sizes and fur is bigger than ever.   Stop by soon to curl up with your favorite.

For tips on how to care for you sheepskin click here

- Holland

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