Grey… forte.

27 Jul 2011
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We all fell in love with this image of an elephant resting in a pool of water.  We imagine that the slight tilt of his head represents utter relaxation and that feeling of 'ahhhhh'.  This photo has reinforced my love for the color gray (as well as for elephants). 


A fantastic color whether with hot pink or white; as an accent color or a design focus. Grey, the mixture of complimentary colors, creates a wide range of versatile tones. Grey has the unique ability to subdue while enhance.

A beautiful dining table with a translucent gray wash that lets the natural wood shine through adds texture to any space. Gray accessories are timeless such as an aged Buddha. Gray is a constant throughout Flach’s exquisite book of photography. The color is usually overlooked but here it can be appreciated!

Can anyone tell me why grey is spelled both with an 'a' and an 'e'?

- Holly 


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