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10 Dec 2012
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Since everyone seemed to enjoy my post on the fall accents I do in my house, I wanted to share my holiday decorations.  I was dragging my feet with putting up Christmas.  It’s really such a big deal to get down all of the boxes of stuff from the attic and go through it all to decide what to use and where to use it.  And that was just the accessories and didn’t include the tree, those lights and the ornaments.  Last week I knew it all had to be done and finally decided to do it in stages and the first would be the Christmas decorations in the main rooms of my house.  I couldn’t even think of the tree until one major project was done.

I absolutely LOVE the fairly new cabinet in my living room.  This is the first year we’ve had it during the holidays and to have a flat space to display things is so much fun!  I never realized how much I love showing my stuff until now.  Now I get to display it all together and create a scene.

I took down all of our framed family photos and also the sunprints hanging on the walls.  With a clean slate, I did our nativity scene, surrounded by lots of Christmas trees.  Every year, my mom gives my daughter a new tree to add to her collection.  Now she has a forest of trees, which is perfect for the manger, baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the wise men and animals.

The cabinet also holds a charcoal drawing I did many years ago of the Polar Express.  It’s such a magical movie and I wanted to share that with my daughter during the holiday season.

Of course I had to display our dogs and their photos with Santa, courtesy of Jocey Shannon Photography and the Butte Humane Society!

On my counter, I enjoy some sitting santas, stars (the metal one being from Nantucket Home), candles and an advent calendar I put together for my daughter.  I bought the boxes, with the cutest, vintage inspired prints on them (from Etsy) and filled them with fun little gifts for her to open every day.  She loves mornings, when she gets to find Farkle (our Elf) and open her calendars.  She thinks Farkle brought the calendar so every morning she walks over to him to say thank you for whatever gift she got that day.

At our entry, I’ve kept it simple.  I have my snowman (from Nantucket Home) collection (oh and a bird) next to some branches and a little dash of sparkle in the lights.

I don’t like to take up too much space on my end tables for things, but this collection is small.  The color of these candy cane trees (from Nantucket Home) are so pretty under my lamp.  My daughter added the penguin and snow globe.  Although it doesn’t go with the theme, I had to allow her creativity to come through.

In our dining room, I used my big wooden bowl for color and to hold everything.  I love my new sparkly, branch tree (from Nantucket Home).  I also added some santas (the white one from Nantucket Home), candles, gold ball ornaments and a red, felt bird.

On my mantel, I have my angel collection.  With a simple strand of garland, I have vanilla candles, the angels and stockings.

If you see anything that you like here, please visit our website!  Merry Christmas!


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Nice Polar Express!!  I have one almost like it!!

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