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Earth day is approaching Monday, April 22. How do you plan to celebrate?  Earth Day is about showing our appreciation for Mother Nature; it reminds us that we need to take care of our planet, and there are many ways to do so.  This year Earth Day falls on a Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation at work. You can be conscious about recycling, walk/bike to work, or just take a few minutes to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Here at Nantucket Home many of our products are sustainable. We have pieces made from reclaimed wood, highly renewable resources, and refurbished antique items that have been made new again.  One of our favorite Green products is the upholstery from LEE Industries.  LEE was green before it was status quo to be green.  They offer a wide collection of eco-friendly fabrics and stains and completely eliminated CFC gases from their manufacturing components back in the 1980’s… these are steps that unfortunately are rare in the production of upholstery.  And they do all of this while remaining in the top of their field.  To add to their green story, their furniture is beautiful and long-lasting which prevents it from being discarded into landfills which says a lot in our “inexpensive buy, use and toss” way of being now days. Here is a glimpse of the LEE items we currently have in the store:

Here are a few of the other sustainable products that we carry here at Nantucket Home, you will have to stop by to see the rest!

Our favorite bamboo clothing is not only light weight and comfortable but a great renewable resource.

These adorable accessories “Rover” and “Rascal“ are made from recycled paper.

Our organic teak blocks are made from recycled wood, a natural way to furnish your home.

These hand blown glass floats are made from recycled glass, they are a great accessory for any home.

Besides shopping for sustainable products, there are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. So if you’re looking for ways to get involved in your area check out Pinterest.  It’s filled with great ways to be green.   You could catch up on your gardening, enjoy the outdoors by going for a nature walk, do some eco friendly crafts to give for Mothers Day, volunteer to clean up a local park, or have an eco friendly/organic dinner party.

Here is a great craft idea for mom or anyone else who would appreciate a beautiful plant. Wrapped pooted plants, photo courtesy of Pinterest.

The Food Network offers great ideas on how to decorate for a green dinner party, click here to see the article.

However you choose to celebrate, be sure to enjoy yourself. Happy Earth Day everyone!



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