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There is nothing like a cold snap to get you in the mood to buy a new rug for your favorite space. Not only does it warm up your home, but it can change the whole feel and look of a room. When you are out and about looking for the rug that speaks to you the most, make sure you are looking for the correct size. Rug size is very important to the seating area in any room. You can even change the setting and direction of your rug depending on how adventurous and creative you are feeling. Here are the steps I take when looking for the perfect rug…

Take into consideration the room size. If the room is large and the seating area is floating (nothing against a wall) I suggest a rug size that is all the way under the furniture and comes out about 12-18” from the backs of your chairs and sofas. You want to center the rug in the room, leaving enough of the floor exposed to see a nice balance of materials. If there are multiple seating areas in this room, I tend to place rugs halfway under each seating area, to give enough breaks between complementary rugs. If you love your floors and have a smaller space but just want to add a fun accent of a rug, try bringing in a smaller rug and try placing it diagonally!


Explore the layout of your furniture. You can get creative and see if you can change the placement of your furniture before placing your new rug. Then decide if you want to bring in texture or a wonderful pattern. If you want pattern, will a geometric design play well or more of an organic design? I enjoy doing the unexpected and tend to stray from the traditional design.

Layering rugs can be fun too! You can bring in a faux animal skin or plush shag to lie on top of a natural flat weave. You could also try a low pile or antique patterned rug.

In the bedroom I love seeing rugs placed for walking on all sides of the bed. You could try a rug as wide as the nightstands or a textural or accent rug placed diagonally.

Contact us if you need help finding the perfect area rug to compliment your home!

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