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I find myself at a lost for what to do with our entryway closet. Currently, I have commandeered it and turned it into my closet of jackets. My husband, Mike, finds this unfair as he has been relegated to one single closet in the entire house. So began the search for the perfect solution.

Through my search I came across a lot of options that would give us the needed organization and would make good use of our space.

Like a craft closet…

Or to turn it into a mud room for the winter season to house our wet jackets and umbrellas at the end of the day…

Or a seating area to take off my shoes at the end of the day…

Or a home office…

Naturally, with my addiction to shoes, my favorite idea was to turn it into shoe closet. So the hunt began for the perfect blue print…

But I must admit, my husband had a much better idea…

What unique ideas do you have for a front hallway closet to tame your mess and clutter?

- Claire

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