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This fall season we’re celebrating family.  

We are all who we are because of family.  Parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives… like it or not they mold us to be who we are.  We are also who we are because of who we're friends with, who we see daily, who we collaborate with, who we get our coffee from and who we feel supported by.

We love our family and friends so it’s after 36 years of meeting new people, being invited into their homes and creating relationships together that we celebrate them... well, you!

We will celebrate you and everything you've done to keep us going emotionally (when we’re too busy with business stuff to chat), lovingly (when you understand and accept that), and supportively (when you love and support us anyway with your kind words).

We decided that this year for the front of our Fall Home Sale postcard we'd have Beiron take a picture of our big family saluting you, our extended family.  So we did it and It felt like 95 degrees out at 7:00pm one Wednesday evening.  It was humid and we were hot and tired.  Thankfully, we had chilled wine. After setting up, getting into place and holding still for the picture, it had probably been an hour.  The kids were exhausted as you can tell by Rocco (below throwing a fit on the ground)... but you're worth it! 

We had a great time and Beiron is such a great photographer!  He made the entire process easy and relaxing.

Click here to see the image we finally decided upon for the postcard. And keep checking our blog for posts on 36 years of family and friends of Nantucket Home.

Here’s to your family and our extended family. 

Alla famiglia, Salute!


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Jutta-Ingrid Beymer


all i need to say is: why aren’t you closer to this end of the world?

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


Thank you Jutta… maybe you’ll come this way soon?  If not, we’ll have our web store up around November.  We hope we see you “there” or here!

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