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Despite the recent temperate dip, this past week in the North Valley has been scorching!  There are those of you that thrive in the triple digit heat (including a few of my Nantucket Home team members – you know who you are!), but many seek out ways to cool off during summer’s temper tantrums.  Whether you prefer to bask in the sun or sketch out in the shade, summer is meant to spend outdoors.  If your patio furniture has seen one too many pool parties, I’d like to introduce you to UNCOVERED.

UNCOVERED is a unique furniture line invented by LEE Industries.  Usually the initial response from someone being shown this furniture circles around disbelief or astonishment:  “wait, THIS is outdoor furniture?!”  is not an out of the ordinary remark.  It just strictly does not look like your typical outdoor furniture set – and it’s not.

This is not solely a skin deep attraction.  UNCOVERED not only looks great, but IS great.  As a company, LEE took outdoor furniture back to the drawing board, considering both style and function.  This vision and innovative thinking led them to design a collection that built to truly “weather” the elements. 

For instance, LEE built a drainage system into the furniture frame, so the seat deck slopes slightly to the rear allowing any moisture collection to escape. The upholstered collection uses performance fabrics that are fade, stain, water, UV and mildew resistant.  There is also an incredible youtube video of LEE industries submerging one of their outdoor chairs in a murky lake for two weeks to test its durability.  Click here to watch it.

Whether dining by moonlight, entertaining by poolside, or lounging on the porch, UNCOVERED is perfect for all outdoor locations.   Smart and stylish.

Inviting you to bring the comforts of indoor living, outside!

Sarah Leigh

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