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Nantucket Home is a proud supporter of shopping local, and supporting small businesses. As it is a passion of ours, we would like to help promote family business, beginning with our friend Carlos who recently started a unique company in the fermenting business called Pacific Culture. Carlos’ love for the art of fermentation was inspired by his discovery of wild fermented pizza dough while he was studying at USC. He began experimenting with pickling the cucumbers from the local farmers market, and soon began trying his hand in Sauerkraut.

Carlos says “My interest in fermentation has been sustained by not only the dazzling opportunities of complex flavors and the strong health benefits of probiotic food, but by the environmental and economic implications of creating live-fermented foods as well. Fermentation is first and foremost about preservation and by aspiring to preserve a diverse range of plants and vegetables, I hope to make eating seasonally appropriate food that much easier and enjoyable”.

Recently, Carlos and his business partner/sister Amber opened a quaint kitchen on the corner of Humboldt and Willow Street in Chico where they create and sell their delicious goods.

Their Sauerkrauts are uniquely delicious, including flavors like Apple and Beet,

Red Mustard,

And Sea Salt

Keep an eye out for their products in restaurants and health food stores around northern California. They are already on the shelves at S&S Produce! Stop by their kitchen on Humboldt and Willow (Chico) for the most delicious fermented goods in Chico.

- Sara

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