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One of our favorite products has always been our American Leather Comfort Sleepers and just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, they did! The newest generation has been introduced and offers an all new gel mattress that is so comfortable that you might want to give your guests your own bed and sleep on this! Seriously.

It’s never fun to have to dread telling your guest that they have to sleep on your oh-so-awful pull-out bed or even just the hassle of blowing up an air mattress. We all just want to enjoy our time with friends and family and most of all, we want our guests to enjoy visiting! This is just what a Comfort Sleeper does.  It provides a standard length mattress with no bars and no springs. It’s no wonder why it is rated #1 by Consumer’s Digest!
With an array of fabric and leather options you can find exactly what works for your home. For instance, I know I am not the only person this happens to:

I have two dogs that are as much a member of my home as I am so it was only natural that I had to pick a fabric that could withstand their use, which wasn’t a problem with the microfiber, polyester, and crypton options . Same goes with the little ones….

With the comfort sleeper you are free to select options that fit your needs.  Kid sleepovers, popcorn movie nights or simply a luxurious bed for your pooch – it is the perfect fit for any home.
With that said, I have had one complaint about these sleepers. It was probably one of the first sleepers that I sold and I called the client a few months later to follow up, which is when I got the news – “Lauren, we love it but it’s too comfortable – our guests don’t want to leave.” So there you have it. If one negative can be said, it’s that your guests may never want to leave!
Choose from 13 different styles, fabric or leather and your choice between three mattress options (premier, gel or tempur-pedic) to find the perfect piece for your home!

(Pictured: Gel sleeper sofa with Elsi Coco Barroso smiling from ear to ear. Yes she is a happy baby but for this blog’s sake – it’s the sleeper that makes her smile).


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Elsi is adorable!!

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


we think so!  miss you Jenna.

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