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As I’m getting ready for summer (camps for my daughter, booking a few mini vacations, and thinking about my garden’s fresh cherry tomatoes), I also love to think about my clients and their homes.  I know that I’m itching to change or add a few summery things into my house and yard, and I think everyone else wants to, as well.  We have some amazing outdoor furniture that we all love.  Just looking at the pictures of the beautiful furniture pieces in lush, gorgeous yards makes me think of myself, in the cool breeze, watching my daughter play outside.  I never have time to just sit and relax, but maybe if I had this furniture, I would!  And if I had this backyard and pool…just maybe it would all work for me.

Or what about these backyards?

Now if only I had a chef to do the cooking, this would be perfect!

Appetizers and wine on the porch.  Can’t we all live like this?

Along with amazing furniture, I love the outdoor rug options.  The soft, muted tones are always nice because they match with most everything.

Or…one could have some fun and add color into their yard.  I love that these outdoor rugs are also indoor, as well.  So hose them off and bring them inside, if need be!

In my backyard daydream, when I want to really lay down and take a nap, this sofa would do it for me:

It’s totally and completely made for outdoor use (inside, if needed…I recommend this to parents of children or pets).  Rain, wind, dirt…nothing will stop this piece from feeling and looking perfect. 

All of this furniture and rugs wouldn’t be anything without decorative pillows for color and comfort.  Here are just a couple of my favorites…all of these come in so many different colors, you’re sure to find something!

We are setting up appointments now to talk about moving outdoors (before it gets too hot!)

Happy Spring!


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Denise Cavanagh


hi Sage, thanks for posting about the sofa. With kids, dogs, and a fireplace, do you really think the white sofa is perfect for outside? Mildew and mold free, yes, but dirt resistant? What do you think? My dogs love to sleep on our outdoor wicker, but they might love the sofa. Do you really think it’s pet resistant? ARe there choice of colors?

Thanks, Denise



Hi Denise,

Thank you for writing and asking your question.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine that white fabric would be a good outdoor option, but it is!  The fabrics that LEE uses for their outdoor line are all “performance fabrics that are fade, stain, water, UV and mildew resistant”.  Have you seen the video where LEE submerges a white slipcovered chair into a lake for 2 weeks?  It’s then taken out and easily pressure washed to look brand new again.  Here it is, if not:


And the fabrics do come in many different options of styles, textures and colors.  Here is a link to show you, but I can have samples mailed to you, if you’d like.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sage 

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