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It all started with a new TV.

So I had this issue.  It wasn’t pressing, not at all life threatening and definitely not a necessity.  But it was bothering me and because I seem to focus on the things that bother me until they are done, I had to fix it.  In our office, we had this table / shelving unit that my husband had made years ago.   

It’s been in a few different places in our house over the years, but for the past couple of years, it’s been in a corner on our office.  It was used to hold some decorative boxes and books.  About a year ago, my husband decided that our office should be used as his sports watching room so he got a flat screen TV and it went above the shelving unit.  And then we got a DirecTv box and also we got a Nintendo Wii.  We were set…the perfect room to “play” in.  But what was bothering me was the shelving unit and all of the wires that I could see hanging behind it.  Sorry…I regret that I don’t have a picture to share.


Last week, I had had enough of the wires so I moved the shelves out and in came a cabinet that we had in our dining room.  It was a closed one so all of the wires were hidden behind the cabinet.  Ahh…so nice to be clean and organized.


But now that left this:


A bunch of puzzles with no home and a big, empty space in my dining room.  Now what?  So I looked around my house and found a tall cabinet that we had in the family room.  I’ve always thought that something tall should be in my dining room since the table and chair are all the same height.  So it was perfect…the cabinet got moved into the dining room.  I was super excited about this for many reasons, but also so that I could store some table linens in there.  Right now, they are in my bed linen / craft / extra animal supplies closet.  To free up some space in there sounded too good to be true!


So the tall cabinet got emptied (as you can see, it was our games / photos / blanket cabinet):

And moved (there it is…the big black thing behind the chair that is holding more stuff):


And now it’s perfectly comfortable in its new home in our dining room.

As of now, it’s still empty.  I really need to tackle the linen closet next.  But at least we have height in our dining room and it looks pretty in there!


But that left us with another void…the wall in the family room that the black cabinet was on.  We have a huge wall there.  I wanted something that was going to offer storage.  I needed a place for the games and photo albums, plus I really wanted something low so that I could put some art up on the wall and have a place to put family photos or, yes I’m really saying this, knick knacks.  I have always loved this piece that we had at Nantucket Home, so I decided to snatch it up before someone else did.

It was at our house within a day (before my husband could have a chance to change his mind).

It’s heavy…but my husband did it all by himself!

I was taking pictures for this blog, but Mason thought of it as a momentous occasion, so she got her camera out too.


Everything that was outside of it,  had to go in.  What a project that was!  Mason pleaded and pleaded with me to let her stay up late so she could help.  She even offered to forego her books that night.  She is exactly my daughter…loves to organize.


And the finished piece!  We are very happy.  Now we need some art, a lamp, some accessories and we’re set!


And here’s the entire family room.  You can see my husband on the sofa... relaxing after the big move.  Please excuse the green lighting…I’m not sure why my iphone picked up that color while snapping pictures.


Now after all of the moving around, arranging, rearranging, and organizing, you ask, “What did you do with this piece?  The piece that started it all.”


I walked around the house to find Mason’s kitchen “desk”.  It was an old Ikea children’s table and chairs.  Mason’s knees haven’t fit under it for some time now and I’ve known that she would need an upgrade.  She needed a place to do her homework, to draw, to do crafts.  I had the perfect idea.  And here we go…it works perfectly!  Here’s Mason doing her homework, with a visitor.  I love that everything isn’t right on top of the table, as it was before.  Now she has shelves so she can put her extra paper, tub of crayons and backpack on the shelves so she has more table space to work.


And look who loves the backpack…

My husband will be happy to know that we’re all set for now.  Until the next project…



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Hi Sage,

Just a little heads up, feeling kinda ill that I missed that sale on that georgeous blue console.  If you ever change your mind and decide to trade it in, please remember me smile  Hope all is well, take care.


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