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Reading magazines can be a very time consuming activity, which is why I have always found that the there is no better place to dive into them than at an airport.  Therefore, right after I made it through the security gauntlet during my most recent travel it was off to the nearest kiosk to score my favorites – Veranda, Elle Décor & House Beautiful (all images courtesy of). 

Now I have to be honest that I don’t do much “reading” of the magazines, I enjoy them purely for the pictures!  And it is always a plus when I spot one of our pieces in a magazine. 

This time I noticed something interesting as I flipped through the pages.  Amongst the beautiful furniture, elegant bedding and unique antiques, often a little fury friend can be spotted.  My favorite is seeing a sleepy pooch spread out on a chaise lounge.  Did they purchase the chaise and then the dog claimed it?  Or did they purchase the chaise for the dog?  These days it wouldn’t surprise me if the latter were true because it’s a dog’s world – no doubt about it…..we just design it!

Ahhh, the cool feeling of stone on a hot day....

Pink and a pooch, my two favorite things!

And of course, here are my very furry friends who I just couldn’t live without……

And yes, I too design my home with my dogs in mind.  My husband and I recently purchased a LEE sectional and our main goal was to find the perfect “golden retriever” beige so Bogey’s hair could blend right in….you probably don’t want to wear black to our house =)

I guess the only problem is when we go to visit my parents……their sofa is just as cozy apparently.  Bogey (our Golden Retriever) chooses to play the “I am not a smart dog” card when told to get off the sofa. 

Lauren, Bogey & Riley


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erin lowery


I know this is a random comment, but my husband and I are going to be moving to Chico soon for a job opportunity.  We recently visited Chico and stopped in your store (which I LOVED) but we’re having a hard time finding neighborhoods with the type of character we are used to here in Denver.  We love older homes with lots of charm but are open to new neighborhoods as long as they aren’t stale.  Do you have any recommendations???  We don’t know anyone in the area so I thought I’d start with someone who I thought had pretty great taste after touring your store.  Thanks!

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