January Pipe Dreams

04 Jan 2011
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As the Holiday Season draws to a close, we are all left with that feeling of “what’s next”. What do I do to fill the gaps left after all of the holiday parties, visits with families and friends, and the overabundance of desserts and drinks? Do I want to start exercising, dieting, cleaning out my closets, rearranging the furniture, taking a college class or two or writing in a diary (from the time I was 9 or 10 until my mid teens, I always asked for a diary for Christmas. I would usually get one and write

long paragraphs for the first two week of the year. Sometimes I would pick it up and write again in the summer when I was bored but more than likely, I would never write in it again. Oh, how I wish I had a full year of adolescent thoughts to look back on now!)

No, what I really start thinking of is; why didn’t I plan for a vacation in a warm place in January? I usually have good intentions. Somewhere around the middle of October I think about making plans.. I get all excited looking at websites of various locations. I get on VRBO and look at beautiful homes right smack on the beach. I might even post a few inquiries about availabilities....

but that’s usually where I end it. Then I get caught up in clients’ orders, the end of our Home Sale, getting Christmas décor out in the showroom and that’s it…until January, when the rain or the fog or the cold knocks the idea back in my head and it is too late to make any plans. It doesn’t matter that I have hundreds of thousands of “free” air miles. Just try to get a reservation to any tropical beach location in January. Actually from now until after spring break, those destinations are pretty much pipe dreams.

Okay, now is the time to make the plans for next year. But plan a YEAR in advance? Who am I kidding? I’m spontaneous, I’d rather stay up all night working the internet trying to get two seats together to La Grande Playa and feel that I have actually worked for this vacation! 

Now I just need to find a pet sitter….

- Nan

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