Life’s a Beach

22 Sep 2012
Our Favorite PlacesOur Designers posted by Nan Tofanelli

We try to head to the San Diego area at least once a year, usually in September, to visit Rick’s sister at the ocean. Sandy lives in Encinitas on a street one block from Moonlight Beach. We try not to do too much while we are there. We just look forward to long morning walks on the beach, maybe a little time on the beach during the day and evenings on the deck looking at the sunset fading away on the horizon. Do you see a theme here?

I really can’t tell you what we did other than something beach related. Rick likes to Boogey board and strike Zen like poses in obscure places.

We do enjoy walking to the Whole Foods market a few blocks away and drooling over the displays of fruit, veggies and yes, Greek yogurt!


I also love just walking around Sandy’s home... 

and feasting my eyes on her treasures on display... from the view in her bedroom...

to her found objects and collections.

This year we did take a day off from our work at the beach (!) and travelled north to Orange County where we visited some vendors and a few other stores similar to ours. You may have noticed the collection of relics that we brought back. They are now on our front patio of the store. Be sure to come by and take a peek.

Well, now we are back to Chico, the beach is just a fond memory waiting to be treasured on a cold and rainy winter day. We all need to escape from our regular lives. How do you escape?


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