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Our annual Warehouse Sale is coming up this weekend which means lots of work for us but more importantly lots of savings for you!  This year, more than years past, we have some great pieces (upholstery, tables, chairs etc) that are marked down way below normal sale prices.  Here we've put a little sneak peak together to show you just how versatile our pieces can be.

And if you don't see what you were hoping would be on sale here... don't worry, there's plenty more pieces both at our warehouse and at the showroom that are drastically reduced.  In fact, since there are sooooo many showroom pieces that are on sale at warehouse prices we've decided to mark them down early.  

What does that mean for you, you ask?  Early Bird Shopping! You can get priority shopping by coming by the showroom before Thursday and seeing all of the sale pieces at the showroom that will be moving to the warehouse... if they haven't found better homes by then.  

Click here for directions and hours for the BIG event.

(We've included these pictures to show you how you can style one piece many ways.  Remember that not every piece that you see in these images will be at the warehouse sale on sale.  Thank you!)

One final note, all of our rugs in stock are 40% off until May 17th.  We've never done this before but really want to move some rug inventory and we have some fantastic and unique rugs to show you.  If you're looking for a rug come by the showroom to try a few at your home.  There honestly has never been a better time to buy a rug.  Seriously. 


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