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Mother’s Day is approaching! It’s the perfect time to honor your Mother, Grandmother or other important women for the role they play in your life and the countless sacrifices they make.  Although we can tell them any day of the year just how much they are appreciated, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make a statement.  It might take more than a gift to express just how thankful we are, but it is sure to bring a smile to their face.

I thought this would be the perfect time to check with the Nantucket Home Mother’s and see just what they would like for Mother’s Day this year.  I hope this blog reaches their families in time to go shopping!

Sage, Mother of 7 year old Mason -
“I would really love one of these pillows because they are bright and colorful. It would make me really happy because I would see it every day and be reminded that it was a Mother’s Day gift.”

Sara, Mother of 6 year old Luca, 4 year old Rocco and 7 month old Elsi –
“I’ve come to really like Mother’s Day.  As a mom to 3 little ones I’ve found that there aren’t many days during the year that I can relax on my own.  This Mother’s Day I plan to celebrate by finding some time to meditate.  It may only be 15 minutes before I’m called to help but I plan on using those precious minutes wisely.  With my favorite hand cream which smells of a Sicilian citrus grove, an orange blossom outdoor candle that will keep the mosquitos away and an Indian inspired tunic in an deep orange-red the scents and textures will help me cherish my brief moments away. “

Nan, Mother of  Sage, Sara and Robin -
“I want the “diamond”ring. It is called a Herkimer diamond but is really a quartz crystal from Herkimer County New York. They are uncut and unpolished with eighteen natural facets. It is fun and contemporary without being pompous and traditional! I love the look.”

Nicole, Mother of 17 year old Brynn , 19 year old Allison, and 12 year old Tyler
“I love these bright colored bags.  Our family travels a lot during the summer months, and we spend a lot of time at the ocean and lakes, so I am always looking for bags for sunscreen, towels, games and extra clothes. Plus I would use them when I am with my kids!”

I also put together a few gift ideas from our store that I think any mother would enjoy, I know my mom would!

The gift of relaxation:

The gift of summer bliss:

The practical gift:

Wishing all the Mothers a very happy Mother’s Day!

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