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With the summer solstice just around the corner, I think most Chicoans are planning their trips around beating the summer heat, which for many means being as close to water as possible.  Such daydreaming recently has lead me to think about where I’d like to go to reconnect & recharge.  For me, there’s no better vacation than a beach vacation.

Being the sun-seeker that I am, I think most people (including my husband) would be surprised to know that my dream beach home would be located on the Northern California coast, where the whole stereotype of “sunny California” goes right out the window… Foggy mornings, crisp, sunny days & cool, breezy nights—yes please!

And my ideal beach home would be hand-plucked from the idealistic town of Mendocino: weathered shingled or planked exterior, white trim & a pop of color here & there.  The combination of these two homes would be just perfect!  The simplicity of the old fisherman’s home with the cheerfulness of the Cape Cod-style home.  I love those blue shutters!!

(image courtesy of mylusciouslife.com)

But of course I’d need some quirkiness, too.  I adore this little boey-adorned shed—we saw this last summer in Mystic, Conneticut (another great fisherman’s village).

To be honest, most of my daydreaming revolves around the home’s architecture & location, so I haven’t thought much about the interior of my beach home. 
It would have to be predominately white, a bit on the stark side with the only real color being navy blue.

Ok, maybe just a touch of color…the coral accents really cheer up this living room.

One absolute must would be a reading nook with a peaceful view.  Don’t you want to just curl up on this sunny daybed?!

(Photo courtesy of www.seeshopeatdo.com)

And finally, just steps outside my dream beach-home would be trails like this to explore...

(Photo courtesy of www.google.com)

…and simple, fresh food like this to devour! (Another Mystic, CT snapshot—just a great, low-key restaurant!)

But what about you all?  Would you choose my Nantucket meets Mendocino beach home or this…

Truthfully, I’m not that picky!

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Mary Ringrose


Robin, you are wonderful!  You need to update your post with introductions to wonderful, Oliver!

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