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I would like to think that I have some followers out there who are just DYING to know the outcome of our garden (at least I can hope that I do have some people who are interested in my outdoor life).  This summer seemed to fly by and, although I was taking regular pictures, I haven’t had a chance to update my garden posts.  So, here it goes…now that it's almost fall - the summer garden in review and some current updates:

Here’s our cute, little garden at the end of June.  Edible flowers at full bloom, tomatoes still growing, but no red ones yet, strawberries growing and spreading (but not producing), basil working on it and peppers not really doing much:

About a week after those pictures, we saw this…some red tomatoes!

Mason was super excited to find something so wonderful in our very own backyard!

Of course, it just had to be picked..

Shown off…

and eaten!

Here’s the middle of July and we found this.  Yay…it’s producing!  But it looks like something got to it before we did (there’s a hole…I mean, bite mark, probably).  And the poor guy…after this picture was taken, we found him laying on the ground, off the plant.  Maybe something did try to get to him.  Before it fell off, I was thinking that I needed to leave it on the plant, as it was supposed to be a red pepper.  But maybe the plant was labeled wrong when we bought it.  I don’t know.

RECENT UPDATE: Now we do have more green peppers on the plant.  3, in fact.  And I’m not sure when I should pick them…if they will change to red, or not.

This never ceases to amaze me…more red, ripe, delicious and juicy little babies on the plant.

A huge lemon cucumber.  I can only assume (I haven’t looked it up yet) that I pick these when they are yellow.  I’m still learning all of this garden stuff!  RECENT UPDATE: Sadly, our lemon cucumber plant died.  I really am at a loss as to what happened.  I went out there the other day and noticed shriveled up cucumbers and when I followed the vine to the beginning of the plant, everything was dry and very dead.  Everything else is great, getting watered, and growing.  So I just don’t know.  But I pulled the plant and had a burial for it (in our trash can).

Since I planted the garden, I’ve been worried about snails and slugs ruining it.  Last year they got to my strawberries that were planted in a pot and I never forgave them for that.  This year, I’m not going to hold a huge grudge…I have no intention of harming them.  I just want to keep them out!  I have no interest in snail and slug killer.  For 2 reasons…I feel that their home is the outside and as long as they don’t come inside my house, we can all live in harmony on this planet.  The other reason is I don’t want that gross, killing, poison to be near my plants…the food we eat!  So I researched it and found that since snails and slugs are, like, 95% water, they get shocked easily when on certain metals.  I found copper tape at my local hardware store and put it on the outside, wood edge of my garden bed.  When they try to cross it, the snails and slugs get a shock and will turn around.  Of course, the system isn’t foolproof, as if there is a leaf covering the tape, those little pests can just climb right over the tape onto the leaf and help themselves to some food.  Also, if the snails and slugs are already in the garden bed, then they are stuck in there and can’t get out.  But we’ll take that chance.  So one day I decided to get out there and put it on.

It’s actually quite pretty…it decorates and sparkles my garden.

Pretty much around the time that I was putting on the copper tape, Mason was looking very closely at something and noticed aphids.  Yuck.  So now another pest to deal with.  I guess that comes with having a garden!  It’s really not a bother…just a learning experience.  I’ll know more for next year.  So off we went to the local seed and feed and got ladybugs.  Again, we have no interest in spraying our plants with aphid killer.  All of those chemicals…great to kill the aphids, but seriously…we don’t want to eat it!  This was a fun thing for us because they’re ladybugs.  Not just bugs.  Ladies.  So they’re clean and pretty, right?  You have to spread them first thing in the morning so that is why Mason’s hair isn’t done yet in these pictures.  She is pretty particular about her hair and if she were older and read blogs, she would NEVER let these pictures be shown to the public.  But she doesn’t read blogs yet and I think her hair is beautiful so I’m going to show it!  So here she is, showing the bag of ladybugs that we bought.  If I remember correctly, there were 1500 of those girls in there.  Wow!  You’re supposed to shake them out, onto the plants, in the morning before it’s too hot (or they will want to fly away home) and they find their food (aphids) on the plants.  They will rest on the plants, eat, and lay eggs for more ladybugs to eat and do the same cycle.

When you shake the bag, you pretty much can’t help but get them on you.  You have to be careful where you step too.

Mason’s not a bug person, but she likes the ladybugs.

And here are our little girls, making themselves at home on our plants.  They were happily invited to eat away at those pests on our tomatoes.

Enjoying the yummy goodness on the strawberries...And cucumber....

I’m not sure what happened here.  Maybe the aphids liked the copper tape.

And here they are on the flowers…

And ate they did.  We think that they ate all of the aphids we had because we didn’t notice anymore…and all of the ladybugs were gone after a couple of days.  But they did their job and hopefully they’re onto more gardens to naturally rid their plants of aphids!


TODAY’S UPDATE: Our plants are still growing and we are still very much enjoying the tomatoes.  The best thing in the whole world is picking a sweet, juicy tomato right off of the vine to eat.  They’re so yummy and delicious.  It’s really gets you thinking how we are all used to eating grocery store produce.  We’re used to the no-taste fruits and vegetables offer these days.  We just accept it.  And salt it.  So strange to me.  If we only knew how good home grown (or bought from a local Farmers Market) tastes compared to store bought, we wouldn’t buy at the grocery store.  But we’re all (me too) in a rush and one stop shopping is pretty appealing so I think we just deal with it.  But for those who can, grow a garden next summer!  It’s fun, good to eat and a great learning experience for everyone in the family.

I’m embarrassed to show you our messy looking garden.  It’s grown, and that’s what happens…but it just looks unkept.  Apparently, I need to get out there and pull some of the dead leaves off of the flowers.

And the big tomato cage that we bought is now dwarfed by the tomato plant.  In fact, the cage is hardly doing its job, as the plant is really just falling over the sides of it.

Our tomatoes are now on their second round of fruit.  I feel like we’re back in June when the plant had loads of little green fruits all over it.  It looks that way again and I can’t wait for all of the reds to come out.  This picture doesn’t quite show all of the greenies we have, but we’re watching them because as soon as they ripen, Mason and I have plans to make gazpacho.  We can’t wait!

And our peppers today.... well we have not 1, but yes, 3 whole peppers!  And on the other bell pepper plant we have, there is 1.  Again, I really don’t know if I should just assume that they are green peppers and pick them…or wait for them to turn red and yellow.  Ummm…

And on another note:  Last, but most certainly not least…A couple weeks ago was Mason’s birthday!  My little girl is 6 years old!.  I’m surprised and shocked at how fast time has flown in these short 6 years.  She has grown, bloomed, smiled, learned in these years.  Mason is a loving, happy, smart, caring, kind, gentle and cute, cute, cute little girl and I am blessed to be her mommy!  This morning she got her favorite breakfast food, pancakes.  But today I made a different shaped one, especially for her!  Again…notice the bed head hair…oops.


- Sage






























































































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Sage, keep the peppers on the plant—they will turn red!!

liz coffer


You should stop apoligizing for her hair. Her hair is beautiful as is she. Our grand daughter is 6 1/2- she recently had to tell me she is no longer 6. it kills me how fast she is growing up. Your garden is very nice as well. Cheers to you and Mason for being so diligent.

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