Napa Valley Get-Away

05 Nov 2012
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When my client asked me if I would travel to Napa to help her with her new condo there, I didn't have to think twice...of course I would! Not only do I love working with this wonderful woman but I also love to travel out of town to far away and exotic places to do my design thing! Not that Napa is that exotic, but it is outside of Chico and there are a few good restaurants and wineries there.

I really planned on a long and detailed blog post about this trip we recently took but a week has gone by already and I find that there are many other pressing duties to be tackled and so at the least I can get the photos posted for you to enjoy with a few captions...

View out my clients' condo window...woke up to delicious fog!

Lavender blooming in November?

This is what I expected to see...

But a tooth on a barn? I won't even go there...

I didn't expect harvest to still be going on and was pleasantly surprised.

The grapes were heavy on the vine.

It's always great to take a break from our normal, everyday lives...even if it is a short hop out of town, we all need it once in a while. Enjoy life!














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Teresa Moffitt


Beautiful pictures, Nan.  Rutherford, Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena are my most loved fall places to visit and you captured it all!  Right down to the mailboxes



Gorgeous pictures.
Yes, and the tooth on the barn-would love to the know the story behind that!



Absolutely loved your blog!

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