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06 Jun 2012
Our Favorite Places posted by Nan Tofanelli

We have a favorite new place to eat dinner. In the past we have gone there for morning coffee and sometimes for a panini for lunch, but we never thought they would be serving dinner. Bellachino's Cafe on Bruce Road at E.Eighth Street is now serving dinner, and a very special dinner indeed.

Marcus, the chef, is new to Chico from New York. He creates magic from a tiny, under equiped kitchen that is used to providing cinnamon rolls and sandwiches. The small plates are reasonably priced and definitely enough for one person. But the fun thing to do is to go with a group of friends and order lots of menu items to all share. My recommendations are to start with the homemade foccacia bread and the Six Dates ( stuffed with chorizzo and wrapped in bacon then grilled with a special dipping sauce). Then you can move on to the risotto with asparagus and apples (yes, apples!),

then there's grilled gnocci with shrimp and procccuito, the lamp kabobs with hummus, the oh so fresh summer salad with strawberries and topped with your choice of grilled chicken or salmon, the tuna cakes nichoise are to die for and so is everything else on the menu!

The menu is constantly changing to accomodate all of the fresh food that Chico has to offer.

Now are you ready for dessert? I hope so because you are certainly going to want to try a couple of these also. Bread pudding, strawberries with fresh whipped cream and a balsalmic vinegar glaze and of course there is more, but I'll let you discover it all for yourself. Sorry I have no photos of the desserts...they were eaten too quickly!

Sasha, the owner has an permit pending for beer and wine, so in the meantime you can bring your own (and they don't even charge you a corkage fee!) They have an outdoor patio for al fresco dining and all of the servers are super friendly and helpful. Bellachino's is open for dinner every night except Monday...go by and tell them Nantucket Home sent you!



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Ali Keller


The ever changing menu creates a fun and unique experience upon each visit!

jeff mann


I have tried every menu item for dinner, they are marvelous and unique. Great prices and a wonderful staff. They have become my extended family. Sasha and marcus give you the largest selection of great unique dishes at wonderful prices. Look out red tavern and christian michaels- bellachinos rocks!

Debbie Mullins


Thanks so much for spreading the buzz about Bellachinos. It is a great little place and their creative,new ideas are so appreciated. Isn’t Chico a fun place to live?



I couldn’t have said it better!  I love Bellichino’s, too!

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