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……but I love barn doors!

Born and raised a beach girl in Santa Cruz, California, I definitely did not have a lot of farm influence, so it may be surprising that I have been showing some farm girl tendencies lately which could easily lead me to the farm life.  Just give me a big red barn on acreage full of animals, and I will be one happy girl!  (Ok, not really.) But I sure do love the use of barn doors in both interiors and exteriors!  

My husband might beg to differ about my inclination to actually become a farm girl.  Seeing as I am a huge dog lover (made evident by my regular monthly rescues), my husband is adamant that we can’t ever live on a farm because he KNOWS I would quickly turn it into an excuse to bring every doe-eyed pup home!  So, in the meantime, I will keep my farm interests directed towards the features that I love, like those dog-gone barn doors! 

Whether they are new, old, or repurposed, barn doors make a creative visual impact on a space.  Used as wall décor, to replace an existing door, hide a television or as a headboard, they are quite a clever, yet simple addition.

Source: traditional home

Source: Better Homes and Gardens   

Source: houzz

Source: Tumbler      

Source: Pinterest

I especially love the use of barn doors to hide those not-so-attractive focal points – the big screen tv that he just had to have, or the BBQ that honestly never looks quite the same as the day you brought it home…

Source: cote de texas

Source: crisp architects

Rustic or modern, these always-chic barn doors have been sliding into interiors everywhere.  Could you see one in your home?


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And don’t forget, we have our very own *Original* barn doors inside Nantucket Home!!!

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