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Monday April 8, 2013

"Sunday we spent the early afternoon showing my husband's Chicago uncle around the area. Afraid to miss the green grass & wildflowers, we headed up to Table Mountain to partake in the North state tradition. What a beautiful place we call home! Although gorgeous, it was freezing up there with the wind. We didn't stay long but I'm really hoping for a picnic & long hike up there next weekend."
-Robin (Our showroom Manager)

Tuesday April 9, 2013

“Morning walk to Tin Roof bakery and found this bit of inspiration.  Positive affirmation for the day: If this plant can grow against all odds then I think we all have a pretty good chance.” – Sara (Our Shopkeeper)

Wednesday April 10, 2013

“Needing to grab a quick pair of socks for Elsi (she’s growing out of her others) Luca, Elsi and I ran into Old Navy.  On our way out Luca got sidetracked by the manikins and started posing.  I love how kids can have fun wherever they are!” - Sara (Our Shopkeeper)

Thursday April 11, 2013

"One of the many perks of working at a design firm... Getting to pick out my wedding colors on my lunch break!"
-Kristy (Our Design Director)

Friday April 12, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone! What do you think of our pillows for sale?

Saturday April 13, 2013

“What a beautiful Saturday! Here is my dog Scout and his buddy Porter enjoying the view of Feather Falls, these two are hiking champs. They even packed doggy treats in Porter’s pack to enjoy along the way.” Julie (Our Web Director)

Sunday April 14, 2013

Enjoying the sunshine on the Tres Hombre patio when this couple and their dog ride by, what a lucky pup!

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